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All About The Brownbill Effect

The Brownbill Effect, founded by Sally Brownbill, is a specialist resource for professional photographers, creatives, industry influencers and business. The purpose of The Brownbill Effect is to proactively inform, assist and connect people within the industry and to advise, guide and promote creatives and photographers throughout Australia and New Zealand. The specialist resources of The Brownbill Effect provides the creative industry and business sector, access to a range of services:

Creative Directory

The online Creative Directory connects creatives, photographers, industry influencers and business and provides a platform for all of them to reach a new audience. The Creative Directory is hand picked by Sally Brownbill and The Brownbill Effect.

Assistants Register

The online Assistants Register connects assistants to the world 
of photographers, videographers and producers

Sally Brownbill Consulting

Sally Brownbill works with creatives and photographers to promote their talents, by designing and editing folios and websites and working with them to advance their careers

TBE Jobs

TBE Jobs is a specialist recruitment website for creatives. An added bonus is the newsletter that, updates thousands of readers on what the directory members have been working on along with publishing conversations with the most inspiring creatives working in the industry today.

Sally Brownbill

Sally Brownbill is regarded as one of the most professional, enthusiastic and connected people working in the creative space and, even in this digital age, is a peerless advocate for one-on-one contact. Sally has been involved in the creative space in one way or another for over 25 years and maintains her vast and growing network through continual dialogue and a boundless energy.

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