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Q&A with Alison Stieven-Taylor

Posted by Trudy Robson on 05 Jun 2017

Alison Stieven-Taylor

Freelance journalist and lecturer at Monash University

I started out as a music journalist writing for mags such as Rolling Stone and living in Los Angeles when Australian music was the flavour of the day. My book Rock Chicks is a bestseller and is in its second edition. Writing that book was a labour of love. I feel incredibly fortunate to earn a living through writing. It’s always been part of my life, from the first little book I wrote and illustrated when I was six. Let’s say writing was my calling, not drawing! While I love words I am also passionate about photography. I’ve always carried a camera with me and so photography has been a constant companion. I look at photography as my art and I’ve held a few exhibitions, but largely I photograph for myself. From a journalistic perspective, for the past decade I’ve specialised in writing about photojournalism and social documentary photography for national and international media. For me it’s a natural evolution to combine two things that I feel are integral to my being – photography and writing. 

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How Sally helped us

Posted by Image Workshop on 18 May 2017

Tags creative consultation, career direction, folio presentation, folio, portfolio

Image Workshop

When we first moved to Melbourne from overseas we weren’t familiar with the local photography market. Doing a folio review with Sally was a great way to assess where we were at and have an expert, unbiased eye evaluate our work.

Sally provides excellent and useful feedback. She doesn’t sugar coat things, and will say where your strengths and weaknesses are, but does so with kindness and empathy. During the review Sally helps you uncover your best self - an exciting and liberating process.

The final image selection was much more cohesive and compelling than what we would have done if left to our own devices. It gave us confidence to go to client meetings with a well curated folio under our arm.

We have also joined The Brownbill Effect, Sally’s network of creative professionals. It’s been an awesome resource for connecting with others in the wider creative industry and to have a group of ‘go to’ people to collaborate with on projects when we need to bring in outside expertise like retouching or sourcing talent. The Brownbill Effect social nights are always well attended and we meet new, interesting people whose paths we wouldn’t otherwise have crossed without the ongoing effort that Sally puts in to connecting creatives.

Sharon Blance & Brence Coghill
Image Workshop photography

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Greg Elms, Finalist in the 2017 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards

Posted by Greg Elms on 04 May 2017

Tags ganache, food photography, photography awards, pink lady apples

Greg Elms was announced as a highly commended finalist in the 2017 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards in London. Sponsored by pink lady apples, the award attracted thousands of entries from across the globe and is the largest food photography awards in the world. His chosen image, Chocolate Ganache, pictured below is from the cookbook, Chocolate, by Kirsten Tibballs, styled by Georgia Young, published by Murdoch Books. More of Greg’s work can be seen at or on his Instagram feed @gregelmsphoto

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Q&A with Ivan Neville

Posted by Trudy Robson on 27 Apr 2017

Tags job seekers, labour market, cv tips

Assistant Secretary,
Labour Market and Analysis Branch
Department of Employment

I have been with the federal Department of Employment for over 15 years and in my current role, I oversee the analysis of the contemporary Australian labour market and the identification of the current and future demand for skills. I also give presentations around the country on a broad range of labour market issues.

Prior to joining the Department of Employment, I worked in the ABS for many years in a number of economic and labour market areas.

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PASSAGE exhibition by Tom Goldner

Posted by The Fox Darkroom on 21 Apr 2017

Tags tom goldner

The world around us is perpetually changing – ice melts, glaciers shift, weather changes and time passes. Nothing stays the same, neither we nor the spaces we occupy.

‘Passage’ captures a time of transition in Tom Goldner’s photography practice. In 2015 and 2016, Tom made two expeditions around the Mont Blanc regions of France, Italy and Switzerland. Ever-conscious of the changing nature of the landscape – the fact that you could stand in the same spot one year later and find everything had changed – he shot fleeting moments on medium format film.

Back in Melbourne, Tom carefully developed and printed each photograph by hand in his darkroom. The experience reawakened his love of manual photography, and he saw parallels between the physical exertion of actually taking the pictures and the concentration needed in producing the atmospheric black and white landscapes.
This process is often portrayed as a lost or dying art form. Rather than focusing on nostalgia and trends, Tom’s work explores the relevance of film and darkroom printing in the contemporary landscape of photography.

Tom Goldner is a professional photographer whose career spans art, portraiture, documentary and commercial projects. He founded The Fox Darkroom in 2014 to share his enthusiasm for black-and-white  lm photography. Tom is fascinated by the patience and craft involved in printing photographs by hand. The opening of The Fox Gallery in 2016 reflects both his ongoing commitment to traditional darkroom printing and his passion for sharing the results as well as the process. The gallery has become an important outpost for both photographers and members of the public to experience and engage with important photographic works.


The Fox Darkroom & Gallery
8 Elizabeth Street, Kensington, VIC 3031 (enter via laneway)

Gallery Hours
Thursday to Friday – 11am – 6pm
Saturday to Sunday – 11am – 5pm

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Victorian Law Week has invited Andrew Pegler to present a talk

Posted by Andrew Pegler on 02 Apr 2017

Tags law week, plain english, english editor

The rise of “web speak” and its social media offspring is democratising language. To stay relevant the legal profession can’t excuse itself from communicating as clearly as possible. Delighted to announce Victorian Law Week has invited me to present a talk on this on May 18, 6-645pm at the Victoria State Library. Entitled Beyond all reasonable doubt: Bringing plain English to law, my talk will draw on my 15 years of experience as a plain English editor and writer. Calling upon examples of our recent work with leading Australian companies and law firms, I will present the compelling case for plain English in the law. Book here:

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Tell us what makes you do what you do, Kylie Knight?

Posted by Kylie Knight on 31 Mar 2017

Tags photography

I’ve always been involved in the arts. When I was young I used to cartoon and sketch. At the time photography wasn’t on my radar.

I would occasionally shoot with these disposable film cameras when my family and I travelled all around Victoria. We were into camping and my father taught me how to gold prospect. Yes super nerdy, I know.

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Q&A with Stephen Banham

Posted by Trudy Robson on 30 Mar 2017

Tags typography, letters, animation, film tilting

Director of Letterbox, Lecturer in Typography at RMIT University

Letters are my thing. Their meaning, their shape and the spaces around them. My job as a typographer, lecturer and writer enables me to appreciate all of these elements. As a studio we work on a very wide array of projects, from books to web type, three dimensional type, film titling, animation, custom type and lots more. Some projects are client-commissioned and others are driven by our own curiosities.

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