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The Spring Festive Season Arrives

Posted by Mel Ryan on 09 Oct 2017

Tags photography, janyon boshoff, macdonald jones, carnival

Janyon has been busy working with MacDonald Jones Homes for their 30th Anniversary giveaway via Enigma Sydney and Limehouse Creative.

The brief required a key visual and a number of pickup shots and video that captured a family’s elation at winning a chunk of cash off their new home purchase.

Performances were required to be believeable from both the adults and child talent. As you can imagine a rather large amount of confetti was used on the day.

Key visual retouching was done by Limehouse Creative, as well as a light grade of the pickups.

No retouching was required or done on the pickup shots as they were fine as shot.

Client: MacDonald Jones
Agency: Enigma Sydney and Limehouse Creative
AD: Luke Duggan
Producer: Penni Glencross @ Janyon IAM
Retouching: Limehouse Creative
Styling: Rebecca Riegger
Assistants: Isaac Maclurcan and Reece McMillan

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Running on the Spot - iGram by Michael Weldon

Posted by Mel Ryan on 13 Sep 2017

Tags amination, graphic design, illustration, recent works, igram

Running on the Spot. - Don’t we all get that feeling every now and then? You try as hard as you can, but after all of your work, you still seem to be in the place you started!

Michael Weldon is an illustrator, designer, university lecturer and general creative with over 20 years experience freelancing for magazines, publishers, advertising, design, web content and government bodies.

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My Experience with TBE - Dominic Hook

Posted by Mel Ryan on 04 Sep 2017

Tags photography, assisting, testimonial

"I met Sally at an Alumni folio review night at CATC Design school in Melbourne, where Sally was participating in a ‘folio review: speed dating style’ event setup by the school.

Students had the chance to engage in a 10 minute 1 on 1 folio review with industry professionals and I was heavily encouraged to participate by a lecture of mine Patrick Rodriguez.

10 minutes was no where near enough time to get solid advice in my opinion, but Sally not only gave some very concise, thought clearing advice, but also an offer to join TBE as an assistant.

Since joining at the end of 2016 I have assisted 3 TBE photographers and have regular work with Andrew Richey & Ripe Studios. This work has advanced my knowledge of studio photography and lighting greatly, but also the little things which are hard to teach such as working with clients, problem solving in tough situations and the finer points of fashion and architectural photography.

So far my experience with TBE has been wonderful and I look forward to what the future has in store for me.”

Dominic Hook  - Photography Assistant

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Definitions: SD / CX / UX / UI

If anyone is wondering, like I have been, what the difference is between Service Design, UX Design and UI Design, here is a breakdown I understand.

The key difference is the level of the distance from the real world execution people actually encounter.

I've also started seeing CX Designers as well (Customer Experience) so it really depends on the day of the week and the person saying it.

Here goes…

Service Design (SD)
• Is about defining the why and the what of a service to be experienced.
• It’s about finding the problem and then working out what’s the high level solution.
• Focusses on all people involved mostly the business (viability), but also technology (feasibility) and customers (desirability).
Tools: Service Blueprints, Business models, Customer Journey Maps, Personas, Empathy maps, Ideation, Testing, Prototypes

User Experience (UX)
• Is about how best to deliver the experience.
• It is more focussed on the actual execution to a clear problem.
Tools: Customer Journey Maps, Personas, Empathy maps, Testing, Prototypes, Wireframes

User Interface (UI)
• Is about the visual design and interactions that happen on the screen.
• Its the colours, fonts, brand etc
• Often can be a called aVisual Designer or Digital Designer.
Tools: Wireframes prototypes, Usability testing, SketchApp, Photoshop,

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