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Q&A with Warren Everard

Posted by Trudy Robson on 06 Mar 2017

Tags graphic design, design director

Design Director, at digital agency GetStarted.

Warren studied Visual Communication at Monash University. He has over 10 years experience in design, for the past 5 years he has thrived on making effective and usable digital experiences. For him, a successful solution to any project begins with people, including business stakeholders and customers. It is their goals and motivations that defines the user experience. His background in brand design ensures that he brings empathy and human-centric problem solving methods to the work, creating beautiful digital experiences that are both usable and accessible.

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9 essentials of a great annual report

Posted by Andrew Pegler on 24 Feb 2017

Tags annual reports, copywriting

Annual reports are often considered the ‘thoroughbreds’ of corporate document production: they need a steady hand on the reins to get across the finish line.

Over the past 15 or so years my company has been involved in the plain-English editing, writing, layout and design of over 50 annual reports. This includes three for NAB, four for the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet and six for Sustainability Victoria, as well as others for Rio Tinto, Australia Post and EPA Victoria. During this time, we’ve picked up a thing or two about best practice in annual report production, which will help get you out of the starting gate!

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7 Questions for Sally Brownbill

Posted by Trudy Robson on 23 Feb 2017

7 Questions for Sally Brownbill of and

by Ian Hammond from HammaJack

Hamm: Can you tell us a little about and

SB: is all about photography, I trained as a photographer and have spent the last 20-plus-years writing courses and educating photographers, both at university level and via private consultations. In these consultations, I edit images for folios, websites, and exhibitions. Editing their own image is one of the hardest things for a photographer to do.

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Q&A with Sean Izzard from the POOL COLLECTIVE

Posted by Trudy Robson on 05 Feb 2017

Tags pool grant, sean izzard

By Alana Holmberg, The Pool Grant 2016 Recipient, Resist Laughter

Sean Izzard is co-founder of The POOL COLLECTIVE, “I don’t really run with a title. It’s very much a collaborative beast, and we don’t have much emphasis on hierarchy.”

How did you get your first break Sean and then how and why did you start The POOL COLLECTIVE?

I have been working as a professional photographer for just over 30 years now. Initially as an editorial sports shooter, then transitioning into commercial and advertising work. I can’t really identify a first ‘break’ as such - my attitude was more based around building consistently over time, to concentrate on producing quality work and to solidify relationships along the way. Over the course of my career I’ve been represented by many agents, ultimately hiring my own agent/producer, which was how I operated for the years before the idea to start my own production company.

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Producer, Kalliroy Edlin updated website

Posted by Kalliroy Edlin on 18 Jan 2017

Kalliroy has really taken advantage of the Christmas / Summer quiet time to update her website with lot's of fun new projects. Take your time to peruse all of her categories including fashion, lifestyle, corporate, campaign, still life/styling and motion work, and make contact with Kalliroy for absolutely free.

Kalliroy's webiste details can be found here:

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The Craftsmanship of Irwin & McLaren

Posted by Irwin & McLaren on 07 Jan 2017

I have worked with Irwin and McLaren for many years for folios, presentation books, the lot and have sent many people their way too.

This video that was made by Honey Pedersen, Storms daughter, during her VCE and is a great testament to the quality of craftsmanship and history of the company.

Enjoy watching and learning all about Irwin and McLaren and about the beautiful work they do.

Sally Brownbill

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