What are the odds that I would find The Brownbill Effect right when I needed it?

Posted by Trudy Robson on 30 Jun 2017

Throughout the last two years of my degree of Media and Communication, I became fascinated with social media and how it has irreversibly changed our world. Through both a personal and professional aspect, social and digital media has changed the social landscape forever … if you’re not on Facebook, then do you really exist?!

Through this I decided to take up an Honours year at Deakin in Communications. Around the time that I applied for this, I also sent through my resume to Sally Brownbill for an internship. Little did I know that my interest (and what I was hoping to write my thesis on), is a pretty big part of what goes on at The Brownbill Effect!

From the beginning of this internship I have been exposed to the inner workings of social media use in a small business, the work that goes into this practice and the learning processes and workshops along the way … not to mention all the amazing work that I get to see on a daily basis from all the TBE members!

It is such an amazing coincidence that my interest in social media use in small businesses has found me interning at The Brownbill Effect and learning from the experience!

The rest of this year sees me researching, interviewing and writing up a thesis, which will be wildly stressful, but with the help of the ladies (Bella included) at the cosy Brownbill Effect office, I think it can be done!


Makayla Rimington


Article Posted by Trudy Robson