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Splice Boys

Video and Photography

Directors + Producers

“Richard and Tom have been working together for some time both in Asia and Australia and bring a very cool combination of skill sets to the table. Both lovely, approachable guys with massive amounts of knowledge and an equal amount of high-tech gear. Wow their setups are amazing from the very small gig to the massive 100 camera gig. Truly impressive work.”

- Sally Brownbill

Platinum Member | Multi Camera Array | Bullet Time Photography | Splice Boys

Photography Studies College



“I have worked alongside PSC for nearly 20 years. The college is warm, friendly and has grown into one of the leading photography schools in the country. I know the staff well and I get to meet the students each year through guest lectures and working with many of them as assistants. I am always impressed with the quality of work that is coming out of PSC and the dedication the college has to constantly improving how they operate”.

- Sally Brownbill

Gold Member | PSC | Photography

Greg Elms Photography


Photography + Studios

"I have known Greg for over 25 years. In that time we have worked together a lot on folios, jobs and art. Greg is the consummate professional when it comes to shooting, be it for one of his many amazing food clients, portraiture or an art piece he is woking on. He has a methodical manner to all he does. Working both left and right side of the brain is a real skill and Greg has that in abundance. Is he maybe the thinking man’s photographer? A real talent and super lovely guy to deal with."

- Sally Brownbill

Food Photography | Portraiture - Photography | Commercial Photography | Gold Member