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Alex Wallace


Auckland, NZ




Lifestyle Photography | Portrait Photography | Industrial Photography | Auckland NZ

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+64 21 642 269

About Alex

Alex’s clients have been known to say such things as ‘ Hmmm, that’s nice’, or ‘Yeah, good’ occasionally even ‘Well done’ or ‘Great job mate’. But most importantly they keep coming back for more which speaks greater volumes about his work than their muted complements. Photography hasn’t always been Alex’s first passion. For the first 10 years of his life he was more interested in building dens and riding this bike. Over the next decade he made great strides forward; building bigger dens and riding faster bikes. But it was about this time he realised that neither of these passions were realistic career choices. So plan C. came into play; become a photographer. Fast forward 23 years and we now find him settled in Auckland with his wife and 2 kids, a thriving photographic business and a portfolio of happy clients. Plan C. certainly paid off! (Which is fortunate as there was no plan D.)