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Alice Shaw


Melbourne VIC


Art Directors | Graphic Designers


Art Direction | Design | UX Design | Melbourne VIC

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0452 521 938

About Alice

When looking back at What Alice Did, variety, adaptability, and proactive come to mind.

In my 14-year career, I have worked on a wide range of projects in both Australia and Norway. I have art directed photoshoots and created publications. I have designed websites and mobile apps. I illustrated kids’ activities for Zoos Victoria and indulged in my own range of greeting cards. I’ve built furniture, hand-printed t-shirts and created large scale outdoor activations.

Finding the story to tell, then building structure and visual language to tell it — that is what I love about this industry.

Throughout the years, I’ve worked directly with clients, and collaborated within agency walls. I work with purpose. I am adaptable and have never limited myself with a “style” that I work within. I love illustrating. Typography and layouts are an ingrained passion of mine. The way the world interacts with design intrigues me.

I enjoy being part of a creative team, but I am also self-sufficient and work happily under my own steam. I approach, I consider, I attempt, I converse, and I refine.

So that’s What Alice Did … now, what can I do for you?