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New South Wales
Photography + Studios
Editorial Photography | Wildlife Photography | Gold Member

Angela Robertson-Buchanan


Angela is an experienced photographer with 20 years of experience. It was the move from the UK to Australia in 2002 that ignited her passion for nature, falling in love with the wildlife here. Angela works on projects that involve a huge amount of patience, she is not afraid to get up close and personal with all living things.

Angela is also the author of non-fiction Children’s book with publishers Wild Dog Books, which she illustrates with her photography, book 3 to be released later this year.

Angela teaches unique animal photography classes, the only class in Sydney where you get up-close and personal to the animals. A regular exhibitor, she is also the curator of an annual exhibition for BIRDLIFE Australia.

Angela is available for commercial, editorial and advertising projects and bool collaborations.

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Angela Robertson-Buchanan
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"Anyone who can shoot red back spiders, bugs in the tropics and birds in flight has my stamp of approval, Angela is an amazing photographer."

- Sally Brownbill