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Gold Member | Senior Creative | Art Director

Sarah Carter

Senior Creative / Art Director

TBE Member since April 2018

Sarah began her career as a Graphic Designer and has worked her way up to being a fantastic Senior Creative and is still as nimble on the tools as anyone. With over 20 years experience of working freelance, client side and for creative agencies, she has worked on both boutique and juggernaut projects.

A fashion and home retail specialist, Sarah is a rare hybrid of creative talent and business acumen; one of a handful of earth-bound beings that can use the left and right side of her brain simultaneously. This means she understands the end game - glean more customers and drive sales, not merely create pretty pictures. Sarah develops emotive and aspirational creative strategy alongside the ability of multi-channel execution.

Creative lead on a multitude of stalwart Australian brands, Sarah thrives on fast-pace and laughs in the face of tight deadlines.

Naturally lively and unapologetically glamorous, she was once described as a grown-up boss lady crossed with a candy pop. She's more than ok with that.

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Sarah Carter
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“WOW what a woman. Sarah's energy and love for what she does, shines through with her bright, bubbly "can do" attitude. You can't help enjoy being around Sarah. Her passion for her craft oozes out of her. She is inspirational and an absolute gun”.

- Sally Brownbill