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Melbourne & Shanghai
Directors + Producers
Platinum Member | Multi Camera Array | Bullet Time Photography | Splice Boys

Splice Boys

Video and Photography

TBE Member since Dec 2018

Splice Boys are a creative team specializing in Bullet Time Photography and professional multi-camera array effects based in Melbourne and Shanghai.

We take an innovative approach to image-making. Operating a state of the art multi-camera rig with an emphasis on spatial time bending, motion blur, multiple exposure and light painting. This young Aussie team produces smooth, sharp visual effects ideal for modern film and advertising production.

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Tom Brandon
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“Richard and Tom have been working together for some time both in Asia and Australia and bring a very cool combination of skill sets to the table. Both lovely, approachable guys with massive amounts of knowledge and an equal amount of high-tech gear. Wow their setups are amazing from the very small gig to the massive 100 camera gig. Truly impressive work.”

- Sally Brownbill