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TVC Director | Platinum Member

Tracey Rowe

Film Director

TBE Member since August 2014

My first love is Photography and throughout High School In Broken Hill, many of my major works centred on Photography and related mediums.

Graduating at RMIT in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography I ended up working as a Stills Photographer in Sydney and London.

Moving into Directing was the most exciting challenge. I knew that combining my highly visual style with performance would bring a whole new dimension to my work. It’s not just the intense human emotions that drive me, finding special people for projects is of course an exciting challenge, but it’s the level of detail required visually to support who they are and their performance that makes my style individual.

How privileged I am to be able to create what I feel and see in my own mind and body, of course, all interpreted from a client brief. When an audience is engaged and either smiles, laughs or is motivated to go and buy something because of what I have created it is the ultimate compliment.

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Tracey Rowe
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"Tracey and I started photography together back in the 80's at RMIT. She is one of the most talented and creative women I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

- Sally Brownbill