The Brownbill Effect

Welcome and congratulations! You’ve found The Brownbill Effect. If you are a creative, a photographer, an employer or somehow connected to the creative industry in any way you have come to the right place. The Brownbill Effect is your one-stop-shop.

What’s The Brownbill Effect?

You may have already clicked through the broad range of services we offer in the panel above. But just in case you haven’t then let me fill you in with a bit of background. (By the way much of the detail is in the About section of this website under the heading Get Effected.) I started The Brownbill Effect in 2013. I had already been connecting creative and photographers with business for over 10 years and had developed a substantial number of personal connections so it was really the logical thing to do.

A digression

I want to digress here and to explain why I am so passionate about the creative space. I really love photography and design. I’m passionate about the creative industry and I know it inside out. I have enormous empathy with creatives, photographers and businesses and the challenges that they face and I really believe that I have something to offer. I love connecting people, matching them up. People tell me that I have an infectious enthusiasm. Well I certainly have boundless energy. Perhaps that is The Brownbill Effect?

Back to The Brownbill Effect

Websites and online communication is all well and good and of course very necessary and important, but what I’m really about is one-on-one. It is one-on-one communication that sets The Brownbill Effect apart from the rest and is at the very core of my ethos. Let me explain how that ethos works within each of the services offered by The Brownbill Effect.

Sally Brownbill Consulting

I provide one-on-one consultations with creatives and photographers to promote your talents, in designing and editing folios and websites and working with you to advance your careers.

The Creative Directory

Each one of the profiles promoted in the Creative Directory has been hand-picked by me. The sole purpose is to connect creatives, photographers, industry influencers and business with each other along with providing a platform to reach a new audience.

The Assistants Register

As with the Creative Directory, each one of the assistants has been hand-picked by me with the sole purpose of helping them to advance their careers by connecting them to the world of photographers, videographers and producers.

TBE Jobs

Creating a platform where employers could advertise for talent was the next logical step for The Brownbill Effect. I know the talent and I know the employers. And by-the-way, my rates are very reasonable.

So please browse the site, check out the Q&As and the Newsletters. Best of all, why not give me a call. I love to chat and I’m here to help.

Look forward to chatting soon.