"Sally Brownbill brings the warmth and integrity back in to this superficial industry." Wendy Mace - Creative Director, DDB Shop


"If anyone can bring together the who's who of the creative industry it will be Sally." Jason Mcquoid - Edmund Pearce Gallery


“As a freelance retoucher it’s important to get my name and my work out there to as many industry people as possible. What better way to achieve this than by utilising The Brownbill Effect. Sally Brownbill is a person who knows, and is known, by literally EVERYONE in the industry and resigning with The Brownbill Effect is an important part of my marketing strategy for the coming year” Todd Riddiford - Photographer


"I would have no hesitation at all in recommending The Brownbill Effect to fellow creatives.
I felt that Sally and her team understood immediately what my business was all about and immediately started connecting me with partners and collaborators we’d been trying so hard to find. The Brownbill Effect has given New McPherson Video Agency a completely new channel through which to sell our services.
One of the best features of The Brownbill Effect (and one that I didn’t fully appreciate earlier on) was that TBE links you in with an extended network of creatives that can link in with your team to elevate your projects to higher standard. In just a few months we have enjoyed a number of collaborations and have brought on a national brand, and are currently collaborating on projects with two leading creative agencies". James McPherson, New McPherson - Video Agency


My experience with The Brownbill Effect this year has been fantastic.  They've promoted my business to agencies, crew and suppliers, which has resulted directly in me working with some awesome crew and clients on some pretty special jobs.
They've listened when i've needed specific crew and have sent the right people my way. Two thumbs up! Toni Newman - Producer

The Brownbill Effect provides MGA with access to a dynamic and divergent network of photographers.
It’s also a great resource for the gallery to post information about our programs and events. TBE, the best team in town! Monash Gallery of Art


"Sally's effervescent nature, immense experience and intrinsic ability to match projects to the right people are all invaluable resources to Xsd." Phillip Mariette - Managing Director - Xsd


"Amazing what a little distance, perspective and tough love can give you.
I’d always believed that photographers make the worst editors of their own work. In the editorial world on big events it was almost forbidden for the photographers to be in the editing room as ego, irrationality and emotion would inevitably lead to poor choices.
Of course that belief didn’t apply to me or my book. No way. My book was pretty damn good. Just ask me. Then I met Sally.
As an – ahem - artist, that confidence I had in my book’s cleverness was always somehow underwritten by a kind of unspoken dread that it actually wasn’t very clever, or funny, or good. At all.
Sally never said as much, but I knew within a few moments of Sal opening my book that if I was going to ask her for a book overhaul then I’d better just sit there and listen. After that, I gave in to the process with a sense of relief and release that someone seemed to care about my book’s effectiveness actually more than I appeared to. It was all a bit of an epiphany really. In a good way.
There are images in my book now that I am immensely proud of, but up to now no one has ever seen, because up to now my book has been more of a bragging mixed-tape of Look What I’ve Done imagery, giving no thought to how they make a coherent statement of who I am as an artist or even faintly signalling the ebullience of actually being a photographer in the first place, which is surely the point of a book entirely." Ian Waldie - Photographer


"Signing up to The Brownbill Effect has been great for us. We've had at least four new clients that we can directly attribute to being on the site. Will I be signing up again next year? Definitely." Shabbadu - Copywriter


"Just weeks after joining The Brownbill Effect I had a new client. However, it isn’t simply about the directory listing, it comes with backing from real industry people who connect with you on a personal level and sell your business on and offline.” Nick Edlin - Graphic Designer


“If we are counting on your wonderfulness and passion The Brownbill Effect can't help but thrive.” Glenn Campbell - Photographer


"I was looking to re-locate back to Melbourne from Sydney, and to transfer my skills and experience into a different role in the same industry. Sally was able to find the right job in the right location. She has a good instinct for the right fit and genuinely cares about your happiness in the role. I couldn't be happier!"  Trisha Halsall - Lightfarm Studios