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Who Works Here?

Each of us has own our skill sets, but only two of us chew bones (and fart).


Sally Brownbill

Managing Director

Sally is one of Australia’s most highly respected and trusted creative intermediaries, and has been at the forefront of the Australian creative industry for over 20 years.

She is the great connector. Sally has the unique ability to combine her extraordinary knowledge and experience with a profound empathy for both creatives and those running creative businesses. Underpinned by a vast database Sally’s ability to connect people is second to none.

Starting out as a photographer, Sally has since developed a professional reputation in Australia and overseas as the authoritative voice on folio construction, career advice and editing images for exhibition and websites. She has also become a much sought-after judge, lecturer and keynote speaker and sits on a variety of course advisory boards.


Kate Hatty

Graphic Designer/ Office Manager

Kate has a background in administration, client management and graphic design. Having worked in various roles and industries over the years, she is excited to be part of the team. With a love of the creative industry she has always had a passion for drawing and design and recently went back to school to complete a Diploma of Graphic Design.

Kate is a talented illustrator with skills in both hand drawn and digital illustration. The experience she has gained working in the corporate sector in administration and client management has given her a broad set of skills, in particular her communication skills and ability to liaise with people from all walks of life.


Anne-Maree McKernan

Keeper of Books

Anne-Maree keeps the financial engine of The Brownbill Effect running smoothly. She is extraordinarily well organized, loves numbers and loves to help others to understand the big financial picture. She particularly enjoys the dynamic nature of The Brownbill Effect, its positivity, its willingness to change and, of course, the delightful and committed people who work here.

Anne-Maree is a highly qualified accountant (Bachelor of Business (Accountancy), CA, FINSIA). The breadth of experience she brings to The Brownbill Effect is extraordinary and her past and current clients include creative consultants, architects, fashion retails, farmers, engineering consultants and investment companies and SMSF’s.


Lany the Dog

Chewer of Bones

Lany is an English Staffy who adds a lot of fun to the daily activities in the office. She greets all clients with gusto and is often seen on anyone’s lap who will have her.

Staffy’s can suffer from separation anxiety, so being able to have her in with us all day long is fantastic. 

Loyal, in-your face, playful and totally adorable, Lany is a big part of our business and adds a warm fuzzy dimension to the work day. Literally !!


TBE Interns

Maggie the Dog

Each year The Brownbill Effect partners with Swinburne University to take on an intern from their Communication Design Honours placement program. 

Each student that we have worked with has been brilliant and made a huge difference in the short time they have spent with us. In fact last years Intern was Anthony, who worked here full time for two years before moving into a Graphic Design role at an agency.

This year our intern has been Maggie, Lany’s cousin and we are looking forward to a new Swinburne intern starting in 2020.